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School Booth Details

School Booth provided at Convention Center

  • 10'x10' booth SPACE (includes 8' back drape and 3' side drapes)
  • 6' skirted table
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 electrical outlet
  • Name card with the school's full name printed as it appears on the EAST website

Booth Assignments & Requests

Booth assignments are announced within a few weeks of the event. Special requests can be made, but not all accommodations are guaranteed. Requests to have a booth located in a specific area (e.g., near the entrance, the end of an aisle, etc) will not be considered.

The following requests will be considered:

  • Removal of the table, tablecloth, and/or chairs
  • Placement of booth next to another EAST program’s booth
    • Unless requested otherwise, booths are organized alphabetically by school district
  • SuperBooths (i.e., drape removed between multiple booths to create one large booth)

Submit booth requests by 3 pm CST on February 9, 2024. Any requests after this date must be made on-site. Any on site booth changes (e.g., removal of table, chairs, etc) must be completed by the booth company.

Booth Request Form

Recommended Items to Bring

  • Standard Tools (hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc.)
  • Multiple Computers (at least one backup)
  • Extension Cords and Power Strips
  • Handout Materials (.e.g., brochures, business cards, etc.)

Do Not Bring

  • All paint (including spray paint) is prohibited in the convention center (including the hotels and parking lots). Complete all touch-up work before the EAST Conference.
  • Power tools may not be used to assemble your booth at EAST Conference. Use a standard screwdriver, pliers, or hammer if needed.
  • Balloons of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Music devices (e.g., iPods, instruments, etc) are not permitted in the booth unless it is part of a student-created project and the volume is kept low.
  • Gaming Devices.
  • Blow torches or any open flame.
  • Tents or canopies.
  • Fog Machines.

Food and Beverage Requests

  • Food and beverages purchased outside the Convention Center (includes popcorn and cotton candy machines). Small candies and sample-sized items may be allowed in the booth, but you must submit your request via the Food & Beverage Request Form by 3 pm CST on February 28, 2024. A response to the request will be sent as soon as possible following the receipt of the request form.
Food & Beverage Request Form

Booth Setup & Breakdown Times

Setup: EAST programs have approximately 2 hours to unload and set up the booth - 1 hour during the assigned Arrival Group time and from 4:00 - 5:00 pm. All technology must be turned off when the Exhibit Hall closes.

Breakdown* : Empty or partly torn down booths do not demonstrate the professional atmosphere that is the hallmark of the EAST Conference. Therefore, booth breakdown is to occur AFTER the Exhibit Hall closes (11:30 am) on Thursday, March 14. Schools may start breaking down and packing up their booth materials at this time and may begin removing items from the Exhibit Hall. The loading dock doors will remain closed until after the Closing Session. There will be plenty of time to after the Closing Session if your program would rather use this time to grab lunch or a snack. All programs are still expected to attend the Closing Session at 1:00 pm. Attempting to break down early and/or failing to attend the Closing Session will be noted on the Conference Showcase Recap and will impact future opportunities in EAST, including Program of Influence award status. Please make accommodations with your district ahead of time to attend the entire event. A school needing to leave early to return the bus for other use is not an acceptable excuse.

* Exceptions may be made for schools traveling by air, but they must receive prior approval.

Booth Guidelines and Booth Assessment Rubric

Booth Rubric

Review the guidelines in reference to the Booth Assessment Rubric. These guidelines are required for all EAST programs and are considered in the overall booth assessment.

  • Full school name must be in the booth (as listed on the EAST website)
  • Use of the EAST Conference theme is encouraged, but not required, in the booth design.
  • The design should fit in a 10’ x 10’ space and not exceed 10' tall (2' above the back drape provided at the convention center).
  • The booth should not interfere with or distract from neighboring booths at the convention center.
  • Display a minimum of 5 projects (excluding fundraisers & awareness) that provide a solid representation of your EAST. More is encouraged! Project lists alone do not suffice.
  • Projects do not have to be complete, but they should be beyond the “We’re thinking about doing this…” phase.
  • Booths should be easily accessible for all individuals, including those with visibility or mobility impairments (i.e. wheelchairs, canes, crutches, etc.).
  • If individuals cannot enter your booth, ensure all booth items (i.e. photos, posters, technology, etc.) are easily visible.
  • Do not alter the booth structure (black drape or bars) or attach anything to the booth drapes using straight pins, hot glue, etc.
  • Do not solicit donations - this is not the time or the place.
  • Practice setting up the booth and test its steadiness prior to arrival at the convention center.

Booth Gallery

Need ideas? Check out the 2023 Booth Gallery!