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Welcome to the most prestigious area at #EASTcon21, the mainstage! With access to the mainstage you get a small glimpse of everything happening at #EASTcon21 in real time and you get to be a special part of selecting Conference Competition Winners.

Not sure you’re in the right place?

Checkout this short video of what’s happening on the Mainstage.

How to tune-in and participate

Each day starting at 10 am, attendees have access to Mainstage content via, Youtube, or Facebook! Through these platforms you can vote, play and network with others in the EAST Conference audience.

Choose a platform:

Mainstage content can be seen live
EAST’s Facebook page @east.initiative
EAST’s YouTube channel

EAST Conference mainstage

Here are your EAST Alumni hosts throughout the week:


RJ Martino - CEO, Iprov
Shelby Spence - Watershed Planning Engineer at USDA


Cali Buhrmester-Veterinary Surgical Scrub Nurse and Critical Care Coordinator, Cato Pet Hospital
Conrad Murray -IT Developer Analyst, Tyson Corporate


Conrad Murray -IT Developer Analyst, Tyson Corporate
Priscilla Foreman- Rhodes College & Marketing Intern, Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County

Create a schedule:

Select the things you’d like to see from the Mainstage detailed agenda.

March 17

  • Opening Session (10-10:30am)
  • Perfect Pitch & EAST Project Competition Finalist Preview & Voting (11am)
  • Education Session: How EAST Helped Me Land My Dream Job: Alumni Panel (11:45-12:30)
  • Education Session: Discovering & Leveraging Your Story with Hilary Trudell of The Yarn (1-1:45pm)
  • Education Session: Q&A with Tim Stephenson (2:15-3pm)

March 18

  • Education Session: 2021 Founder’s Award Winners Presentations (10:30-11:15am, 11:45am-12:30pm, & 1-1:45pm)
  • Education Session: Our EAST: Perspectives of EAST Staff with Matt Dozier, Melanie Ridlon, and Jerry Prince (2:15-3pm)

March 19

  • Education Session: Behind-the-Scenes at EASTcon21 with Cameron Magee of avad3 Event Productions (10-10:45am)
  • Education Session: Living Your Dreams with Commander John Herrington (11-11:45am)
  • Closing & Awards Session (12-1pm)

Vote on competition winners:

Voting begins on Wednesday, March 17 at 11 AM, CST and voting ends Thursday, March 18 at 3 pm, CST

EAST Project Competition

The EAST Project Competition recognizes and celebrates the best of the best. These projects fill the CART while making an impact on the community. This year, five finalists have been chosen, and it’s up to you to help us pick the winner.

Perfect Pitch Competition

Arkansas Capital Corporation understands that quality pitches help secure partnerships, funding, and support from stakeholders; the same holds true for EAST projects. During the Perfect Pitch Competition, participants are given the opportunity to submit their best 90-second pitch on an EAST Project. Please take a few moments to review the work of this year’s finalists, and let us know who gave the best pitch!

Over the next 3 days, keep your eyes peeled for

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